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Top 10 Web Developer Blogs Of 2019 You Should Be Reading

What I personally love about web development is how much it has changed from day one. It is constantly evolving and new techniques are being introduced. As such, the best piece of advice our team can offer you is to always stay a student of the industry. A coder who is hungry to learn more, hear new methods and constantly looking for ways to improve. To help you along the way we have put together 2019’s top web developer blogs you should be reading. We are beyond excited to share these amazing developer resources with you!

Top 10 Web Developer Blogs Of 2019 You Should Be Reading

1. Smashing Magazine

What type of typography works best on a website? What are the latest web design and development trend?   Where can you find ebooks, long-form guides, pdfs and simply damn well-written articles? Well, look no further then Smashing Magazine.

This blog was founded in Germany 2006 and has proven to provide reliable quantity packed articles web designers and developers love to read.

Smashing Magazine

Visit Smashing Magazine.

2. GitHub Blog

It’s hard to imagine a world without Github. It is used by developers and companies big and small all over the world. Even if you personally don’t use the platform we strongly recommend you do as the version control feature is to die for.

The GitHub blog is a great resource for any developer using the platform or not – it provides tips and tricks that will save you time money and energy.

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Visit GitHub Blog.

3. Speckyboy

Speckboy launched in October of 2007 and hasn’t looked back since. It started off as a personal freelance web design site for Paul Andrew and thank the Gods it turned into Speckyboy.

Speckyboy offers tutorials, design and development techniques, inspirational designs and yes the rumors are true they even post the occasional Lego post which you can’t go wrong there guys.


Visit Speckyboy.

4. Tuts+

At some point in your developer career, you will need to up your game. It happens to the best of it. It ensures you have something to offer in the future. Remember learning is never-ending.

When that time comes get your hands on Tuts – they have how-to tutorials, over a 100 eBooks, and over 1,000 courses that cover topics ranging from web design, coding, illustration, game development and more.

Visit Tuts+.

5. The Next Web

Founded in 2006 by a startup looking for a platform to showcase their new tech. When they couldn’t find one, they built The Next Web – a home for the world of emerging technology.

The site features four pillars TNW News, TNW Deals, TNW Conference and Events, a new tech hub called TQ and Index. Readers will find tech news ranging from big tech breakthroughs to notable advancements.

Next Web

Visit The Next Web. 

6. CSS-Tricks

Are you even a real developer if you don’t leverage CSS? Well, yes you are. But most of us started off learning this programming language. CSS-Tricks is one of the best resources to visit and refresh your CSS skills.

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The blog also creates articles on JS, jQuery, PHP and more with the founder Chris Coyier being the main person to pen the content. Go check him out!

CSS Tricks
Visit CSS-Tricks.

7. Hongkiat

The new kid on the scene is Hongkiat. Although not many know of this site – they kill it when it comes to solid content and do pretty well in their rankings. You can expect to find articles on design, technology and inspiration on this website. As you dive deeper into their blogs be prepared to get your hands on plenty of freebies, tool recommendations and tutorials that web developers love to have when they need them. This is really an exciting website that comes packed with a ton of value – enjoy!

Visit Hongkiat.


You know that feeling when you just feel stuck? You know when you’ve been working on the same line of code for three days and you just are out of ideas on what is causing the bug? Yeah, that feeling. In situations like this, you’d be doing your soul a favor to take a step back and check out is known for creating content that inspires. It has videos, guides, talks about Bootstrap and JavaScript and more. If you’re looking for a place to find some fresh content and ideas this is where you start.

(A little special note: if you’re looking for a tool to track website bugs make sure to check out The Bug Squasher – users can video record, annotate, track and manage website bugs with just a click.)

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9. Sitepoint Blog

Sitepont does a solid job of creating a community for developers, designers, programmers, entrepreneurs and web professionals. It is a beacon of knowledge where if you poke around for just a few minutes you will realize firsthand the amount of info you can learn.

They have content on React, Bootstrap, Node.js, Blockchain, Advanced CSS and more. Kick your feet back and get your hands on over 100 course and ebooks the site offers – you won’t regret it.


View Sitepoint. 

10. Twitter Engineering Blog

We are strong believers that developers should never forget strong communication skills are extremely valuable. In this case, social media may be a spot to work on your engagement skills. For this, we recommend the Twitter Engineering Blog.

Although the blog features mostly Twitter news it is a great resource to network with others, learn best practices and hear lessons others in your field have learned. So while you Tweet away, make sure to check out the latest news here. Twitter

View Twitter Engineering Blog.

Final Thoughts…

Never forget the value of learning. As humans, there is a lesson to learn in everything we do. This article was built strictly to share informative resources to up your developer skills – if you think we missed any please reach out and let us know. There is so much great content out there to share so this piece may deserve a follow-up.

– The Bug Squasher Team

P.S. If you’re looking for a tool to bridge the gap between you, your developers, and clients check out The Bug Squasher.

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