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Top 10 Reasons To Use Live Chat On Your Website

Are you doing everything you can to make the sale? If you’re treating your website as a fishing net hoping to passively capture sales, then you are going to be left behind. Customers have virtually infinite options which are easily summoned by a simple Google search. As a service or product provider, you need to stop relying wholeheartedly on passive tactics and implement a little spearfishing into your customer acquisition.

Not only can adding a live chat system to your website help drive customers to what they need, it can reduce costs while increasing sales and customer loyalty. But wait… There’s more!

Top 10 Reasons To Use Live Chat On Your Website

1. Live Chat Saves You Money

Most live chat tools are incredibly simple and flexible solutions to staying engaged with site users and potential customers. For smaller operations it can make sense to pipe all live chat inquiries straight to your smart phone in addition to fielding questions from a desktop computer. This versatility gives you the power of a customer service team right in your pocket from anywhere you happen to be.

Alternatively, you can assign a single member of your team manning the live chat at all times to ensure customers find exactly what they need. The mobility of these live chat systems allows one team member to take on the role of an entire customer service department.

Utilizing live chat over a phone support system eliminates the huge cost of employing call centers to answer customer support questions. Additionally, a single phone operator can only handle one call at a time, where a single team member can effectively handle up to 6 simultaneous chat conversations, depending on the complexity of the requests. This means more people get what they want faster, with less wait, at less of a cost for you.

2. Live Chat Increases Revenue

How can such a simple to impact your bottom? Not only is live chat shown to reduce costs of support, but it has been shown to actually make you more money. By implementing an active live chat strategy you can increase the average order value of each purchase. Think about it like this – it’s the difference between buying something in a vending machine and being guided through all of the ins and outs of a menu by a knowledgeable waiter.

“Sales” often gets a bad rap. When it comes down to it all sales is, is good customer service. Good customer service aligns a potential customer with the best products and services to satisfy her needs. When a customer reaches out to you through the chat box, she is actively asking you for your input. From there you, your sales team, or customer service agent is in a uniquely advantageous position to learn exactly what her needs are and then guides her through the website to the products that are best suited for her.

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I can see why people buy more often, but why would they buy more? When a customer service agent is in contact with a customer through chat, they become that user’s personal shopper. They know exactly all of the ins-and-outs of what their company has to offer which puts them in a position to not only guide the customer to the best product, but also the best upsells and cross sell products and services that the customer may not have thought of when they first came to the site.

Just a mere suggestion can increase your sales. Asking a customer one simple question can bolster your bottom line and grow those cart averages. It’s why McDonald’s will always ask you, “Do you want fries with that?”

3. Live Chat Gets You Repeat Customers

If you’ve ever worked in a customer facing job such as retail, or walked into a department store with nobody around to assist you, then you know that many customers want to be guided and helped. They need that human interaction to find what they’re looking for quickly and to know that they’re getting exactly what they’re looking for.

Customers rely on sales associates to ensure they’re buying the right thing, to guide them to the best solution for their needs, and to get everything they need in one speedy transaction.

This one-on-one interaction develops a very important relationship between your customer and your brand. Having a live chat option gives every user who comes to your site an instant sales associate to relieve any and all concerns. Having an easy and instant line of communication builds trust with your customers and lets them know that there is an honest, friendly human on the other side of that website.

Building these relationships will help you foster brand loyalty and thus increase the likelihood a customer will become a repeat customer.

4. Live Chat Helps Identify Customer Pain Points

Establishing an instant personal connection with your customers gives you insight you’d otherwise miss. Live chat provides you with firsthand experience talking directly to customers and puts you in a position to learn who your customers are, what they want, and what they expect.

This is great information for building services and sales funnels that guide them exactly to what they need in a way that makes sense for them. We make it easy for clients and developers to spot issues thought The Bug Squasher, but what about customers?

Live chat enables customers to reach out for help when seeking specific information they can’t seem to find on their own because of bad design or faulty design. Through this dialog you and your team can pinpoint common themes in information gaps. On a site without live chat, a customer who can’t find your price list might just leave, whereas the live chat tools gives them one last chance to get what they want and tells you what might need to be fixed on your site.

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5. Live Chat Resolves Problems Faster

A system like phone support not only is more expensive, but it isn’t conducive to multitasking. Yes live chat enables your team to cut costs by employing fewer services and fewer people, but it also allows you to be more efficient in resolving customer problems.

Multitasking allows your customer service agent to resolve more issues in less time. Fielding 5 phone calls all averaging about 5 minutes is a total of 25 minutes to clear those support tickets, not to mention the potential lost revenue of those callers who were unwilling to wait for an available representative. Additionally, phone calls are severely limited by being a non-visual, non-interactive medium.

Each solution must be verbally described to a customer who then has to interpret that properly. One person handling all 5 inquiries simultaneously through live chat can quickly use links and images to guide customers to what they’re looking for and resolve those problems in a fraction of the time.

6.Live Chat Is More Convenient For The Customer

Whether it’s used as a customer service tool for support inquires or as part of the sales strategy, live chat can give customers the instant interaction they want while simultaneously being more cost-effective, trackable and flexible than a telephone call.

Price is only one consideration of a customer’s decision making process. Yes, it’s a big factor, but how often have you knowingly paid more because you felt the more expensive option would provide you peace of mind and an easier more reliable purchasing experience.

Customers want simplicity. Sometimes that means having a sales associate handling everything rather than sifting through pages of products and guessing at what would be best for them.

7. Live Chat Gives You A Competitive Advantage

Average customer support email is answered 10 hours later. This is unacceptable if a potential customer is comparison shopping your product or service with a competitor. If all else is equal, who’s going to make the sale? The company that can answer all of the customer’s questions and establish a relationship is in a much better position to get the sale than the company who takes 10 hours to address the inquiry.

Live chat helps you stand out against your competitors. Yes many companies are seeing the value in live chat, but implementing a proactive live chat solution is far from ubiquitous. How many times have you gone to a company website and left with questions unanswered, or seen a live chat set to its default “away” message. How likely are you to use that? You can stand out against your competitors by offering valuable assistance instantaneously.

8. Live Chat Fights Against Abandoned Carts

The bane of any ecommerce business is an abandoned cart. Customers spend time moving through your company’s site, they add products and services to their cart, but for some reason they leave!

Why do customers abandon purchases? One answer is because they had a question or concern about the purchase to which they couldn’t easily find an answer. There are so many options online and customers can afford to be picky with their money. They know that with a few simple keystrokes they can find exactly what they need in a form that checks all their boxes.

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You don’t want your customer backing out of a sale at the last minute. Give your customer every opportunity to reach out to you in case a question or concern pops up. You don’t want them to have to scour your site for the answer – or worse – leave and journey into the vast, vast world of Google search results to find another provider.

9. Live Chat Helps You Be Proactive

“Hey, let me know if you have any questions. I’m here if you need help finding anything.” Shopping IRL (in real life) it is not weird, foreign, or uncommon for the sales associate to let you know they’re available if you need anything. Why? Because it works. It’s a great icebreaker and reminds a customer to ask for help before leaving empty handed.

With most live chat tools, you can easily and automatically have a simple welcome message pop out drawing the user’s attention to the chat box. This can be set up to pop open based on triggers, or a member of your team can actively greet a customer. Maybe they see they’ve been on the site for a while, visiting a lot of pages, but not taking any real action. Your team can reach out and let them know they’re there to answer any questions to guide them through the process.

Live chat goes a step further. Live chat tools have the option to collect email addresses from customers who use the tool. With this information, your team can make a list of all interested customers and interactions that didn’t result in a sale then effectively market to them through email campaigns, or just a candid message asking if they ever found what they were looking for.

10. Live Chat Allows For Tracking And Testing

With live tracking reports and analytics, you get a wealth of information to help you sculpt and fine tune the perfect approach to customer service and sales. Having a transcript of every interaction and a seamless way to quantify the results of those conversations gives you power in knowing where the holes are and gives you actionable data that phone support doesn’t.

To make improvements, you have to track the data. To get better, you have to amass enough data and make decisions based on the numbers. Live chat makes it simple to track conversations that may have otherwise gone unnoticed and identify approaches and strategies that work and those that don’t.

Final Thoughts…

It’s really surprising how many businesses aren’t implementing a live chat strategy. Live chat is such an important tool for providing stellar customer service and an integral addition to anyone’s sales funnel. It’s one of the easiest changes to make and has the biggest impact. Not implementing a live chat tool is like leaving money on the table. Seriously, what do they have against making more sales?!

-The Bug Squasher Team

PS. The world never changed by people not talking it out…keep this in mind.

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