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Top 10 Programming Languages To Learn In 2019

The world is changing and the ability to throw up a website or even an app is evolving so fast if you’re not careful you’ll be left behind. If you’re looking to grow as a software developer or even increase your programming value this article is for you. We’re going to pull out of the hundreds of programming languages out there and give you the top 10 programming languages you should be learning in 2019.

Before deciding what type of programming language makes sense for you, consider the following:

  • How much time do you have open to master the language?
  • Do you prefer frontend or backend work?
  • Are you looking to work at a company or freelance?

As we go through this 2019 guide I’m sure other questions will arise. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we’ll make sure to cover that info in a later post.

Top 10 Programming Languages To Learn In 2019

1. Learn JavaScript As A Web Developer

Depending on your skill level JavasScript will be the perfect language to get your confidence rolling. Almost every major website out there like YouTube uses JavaScript to create dynamic and interactive web pages. The language is primarily used in front-end design situations but can also be effective when working with frameworks such as React and Angular.

To be truly effective with this programming language you will need experience in one or more frameworks. But once you get going this tool can not only help you with your frontend-designs but also open new doors on the server-side through Node.js.

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2. Unlock Your Options With PHP

Websites like Facebook and Wikipedia use PHP for a variety of purposes. With PHP you can collect data, verify information, create dynamic content and more. What we personally enjoy about this language is the speed. One of the major ranking factors for websites comes down to speed and when you know how to properly code in PHP your site can not only fly, but be robust and scalable.

If you’re interested in freelancing, learning PHP would be a great language to start with. Most websites on the web are built in WordPress and debugging PHP issues, plugins and codes are always jobs that site owners need help with.

3. Master Python As A Developer

A lot of developers say Python is one of the closets programming languages out there similar to English. It’s a popular choice for entry-level developers and those interested in back-end web development.

Python also comes with the added bonus of having different libraries developers leverage when building out machine learning which may say is the future of life on the web. Whether you are looking to secure a 9 to 5 job or freelance Python would be a solid language in terms of job security and growing popularity.

4. Work With Ruby

You ever stop and think about how did they build Twitter? Airnbnb? Or even Shopify? It may surprise you to learn these tech giants were built on Ruby on Rails (note: they have evolved in different ways, but at some point, they all worked within Ruby).

Why is that? The Ruby community as a whole is known for being pretty friendly around the web. It’s a popular coding language and web application framework that users appreciate because of how simple the scripting is. Add this to the users being really helpful with each other and you can’t go wrong learning this language.

5. C# Developed By Microsoft

Do you remember when computers first came out? There were programmers everywhere building out hardware that only spoke to select pieces of software. After it was all said and done of the giants that lasted was Microsoft and their gift to us C#.

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C# is pronounced as “C Sharp”. It is the go-to language for mobile developers looking to build cross-platform apps. But what we think is really exciting about this programming lingo is the options within VR / Virtual Reality. If you’re interested in developing in the VR Space C# is the recommended language to build your ideas on.

6. Manage Website Bugs With Swift

We love tools, processes, and really anything that helps debugging issues. That’s why we built The Bug Squasher. So it can go without saying – we dig Swift. We’re giving it a tip of our hat.

Swift was built to be powerful, fast, streamlined and easier to debug. If you are looking to dive into the world of software engineering Swift is a language to learn. If you remember nothing else, remember Apple products (ie Iphones, Ipad, Apple Watches and more) these all run on Swift.

As a result, we would argue that Swift won’t be going away anytime soon because it is so connected to Apple. For those looking for job security and learning a programming language macOS applications live on – this is where you should start.

7. C++ A Programmers Best Friend

Virtual reality, video games, graphics these are all niches that need someone to fill. The reality is finding good talent in these sectors who is hard. If you’re interested in securing work – C++ is your best friend.

Let’s rewind – there are a lot of languages in the C family. What makes C++ so appealing and popular is that it’s specialized for high-performance application. Not only that but this language has influenced others like Java. This is a solid language to review to have a strong foundation when coding.

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8. Are You Ready To Learn Rust?

Rust sneaks into conversations here and there. It’s a newbie but worth talking about. It’s built for low-level system programming but comes with speed and security. Its agenda is to offer coders a safe code that protects the security of the project.

Tech companies like Dropbox leverage this language. For developers considering whether or not to learn this language consider the popularity factor. Yes, Rust is new – but it has caught on like a wildfire.

9. Know SQL To Manage Your Database

Data is everything. It can save you countless hours or cost you millions of dollars. In this case, SQL is reliable, simple and has a proven track record of being a tool you should know.

SQL tends to be easier for beginner developers to learn and like we said it’s been around for years so there is a ton of information on it to learn from. When considering how you can leverage this with your own career check out jobs like Data Analyst often times they require someone with a strong SQL background.

10. Keep It Simple With Go

Go was brought to us by the minds running Google. If that doesn’t say you should review this language I’m not sure what is. But to be safe – let me share a bit about the lingo.

It’s considered a minimal language. A lot of developers compare it to Python (which makes sense, since Google loves Python). It is known for offering multi-core app features.

Final Thoughts…

Every year a new trend fades and grows. These top 10 programming languages to learn in 2019 are languages are consistently on the rise. Learn these 2019 programming languages – you won’t regret it.

– The Bug Squasher Team

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