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Top 10 Benefits Of Github

Github to a developer is like guitar strings to a guitar player – it isn’t just needed, they go hand in hand. Let’s take a step back and breakdown Github a bit further. Git represents the version control system of their code. This is where all the work is performed. The Hub is about the community and team members in it that work with each other.

Github is great for developers lookings to share, improve and deliver better codes. It allows teams to quickly communicate with each other and if need be, revert back to a previous repository and restore the code. Today we will be diving into the top 10 benefits of Github and how you should be using them.

Top 10 Benefits Of Github

1. Github Internal Documentation

Can we just make it an official rule that if you are going to create software there be some type of FAQ section, please? It doesn’t have to be crazy elaborate but there does need to be something developers can reference. In this case, Github documentation does us justice by having one of the best help sections on the web.

If you get stuck or looking for articles on almost anything related to git you can find info within Github. As a developer, having access to these guides and information is vital when trying to advance a project.

2. Simple Github Code Review

Whether you are a freelancer working for a company or part of a team – Github provides a really streamlined approach to reviewing codes. The main advantage here – your development team and quickly test an update of a website or app before pushing the code live.

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They have several options to review the code within Github, such as:

  • Change Proposals

When an update is created a Pull Request goes live telling the team the changes they made and allowing them the chance to properly review the new code.

  • Review Requests

This is where developers request for specific team members to provide feedback and approval.

  • Difference Comparisons

This lets teams see the difference between the old and new code and highlight the updates.

  • In-Content Comments

You can list what comments are required or simply suggestions.

  • Branch Protection

You have the option to configure repositories that require status checks to reduce human errors.

3. Github Integration Options

What excites a lot of developers about Github is the fact it continues to put the community first. A great example of this fact is how Github integrates with common platforms like Google Cloud and Amazon.

4. Authentication Levels

Let’s say you hire a freelance developer to work on your website. Do you give them admin access to your site code? What if something goes wrong? What if they bail on you at the last minute? What if they add a bad code? Alternatively, what if it’s not a freelancer who does the above but someone within your own team?

What’s great about Github is the option to add different authentication levels. This lets you decide if someone gets a read or write access to a repository. Having the option to set user roles is essential to keeping organized.

5. Backup Of Your Files

We all know we should be creating backups. This is something we should be doing regularly and often for if and when that moment comes where the site crashes. Problem is, things happen and we don’t always make backup of our files.

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With Github, there are no excuses. The platform creates backups of your files ensuring you won’t ever have to worry about finding a previous version of your files/site code again.

6. Provides Open Source Projects New Life

What is better than one amazing software developer? How about a billion developers working together around the world? With Github you can set up your project so that it’s open source and developers all over can contribute codes your way.

On the flipside, you can also contribute to projects that are open source. This is another example of Github putting the community above all else on its platform.

7. Issue Tracking Via Github

Every project will come with its unique share of issues. This is a given. At one point or another, a modification of some kind is required. When it comes to coding you want to make sure you are properly tracking website bugs – this is why we developed The Bug Squasher. With our issue tracker, you can visually track website bugs via screenshots and video recording. With Github, you can leave comments and documentation on the code.

Remember when issue tracking having that data to diagnose a bug is key to doing so effectively. We recommend leveraging both platforms in your workflow.

8. Social Coding With Github

Aim to be a student of your industry, it is the fastest way for growth. As a developer, we can’t stress enough the importance of looking into projects within Github you find interesting and learning from them. What’s great about doing this is you can keep tabs on different projects, get recommendations on feeds to learn from and see what the latest trends are in coding.

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Github is an easy to use platform that not only streamlines your process but a solid tool to network and grow as a developer.

9. Fast And Easy Collaboration

By now you can see the advantage of using Github. From the different review processes to user permissions to networking. For developers not in the same physical space, leveraging an online Git is an easy solution. For remote developers and freelancers knowing how to effectively use Github is the difference between getting a job or not.

10. GitHub Automation

Automation can save you time, money and resources. With Github, there is an added bonus of catching errors your development team may not realize are there. Github has hooks that can be used to automate tasks and improve the quality of your final project.

There are different services that can connect and hook up with Github to test your code, generate documentation, create performance reports and more.

Final Thoughts…

Github offers a dynamic and powerful version control repository management system that any development team can quickly set up (for free) and amplify the quality of their project. What we personally love about the tool is the community aspect. So much thought has gone into connection ways to streamline communication between developers and the codes they write. We highly recommend taking some time and looking for ways to implement this tool in your current workflow, you won’t regret it.

– The Bug Squasher Team

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