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Top 10 Project Risks & What To Do

What common elements are preventing your project from a smooth launch? Is it not having the proper web tracking tool, team member flaws, a weak point in the process or something else? Read here to learn some tips to keep your project advancing.

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Programming Languages

Top 10 Programming Languages To Learn In 2019

Interested in launching a career as a web or software developer? Great. Read this article to learn the top 10 programming languages you should learn.

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School For Startup Radio Podcast Featuring The Bug Squasher And Kirk Deis | Bug Tracking Software

Listen to guest speakers Kleiner Perkins and Kirk Deis on School For Startup Radio. Discover actionable advice for marketing, startups, new tech, The Bug Squasher and more! This is a one of the kind Radio / Podcast show – make sure to block out some time to listen to all the golden nuggets.

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Top 10 Methods To Improve Your Wireframing Skills

Your only as good as your work. Learn 10 actionable steps you can take right now to improve your wireframing skills and take your project to the next level!

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The Daily Grind Podcast Featuring Kirk Deis And The Bug Squasher | Bug Tracker Software

Is your website bug really worth an email? Tune in to The Daily Grind Podcast featuring Kirk Deis where he talks about marketing, startup advice and the launch of The Bug Squasher a powerful issue tracker tool.

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Top 10 Ways To Listen To Your Users

The best type of clients are the ones who stick around. Make sure you have in place a way to retain them. Ask yourself if you’re really listening to their needs…well are you? Find out here.

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Top 10 Signs Your Team Communication Is Weak

Throughout history failed communication has been the root cause of heartache, war, mishaps, and loss of tremendous amounts of revenue. In this article, we dive into the warning signs your team communication may be at risk.

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Top 10 Bug Tracking Software Secrets Your Team Should Know

Thinking a little outside of the box will free you from bloated inboxes, actually add value to your business, and increase client satisfaction while allowing you and your team to use time more productively. But where do you actually begin? Find out here.

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Top 10 Signs Skype Isn’t The Right Communication Tool For Your Project

How many times has Skype let you down? If the answer is more than once, can we ask – why do you still use it? We’re not knocking Skype but read here to see if it’s the right communication tool for your project.

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Top 10 Reasons To Use Live Chat On Your Website

We live in a world where customers want instant communication. Live chat is the key to this. But are you leveraging it properly? Check out the top reasons to have Live Chat on your website.

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