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Top 10 Annoying Issues That Kill Website Performance (That You Should Know)

Are you tired of annoying website issues that kill site performance? We are. That’s why we put together our top 10 list of website issues and solutions for developers to address them head-on.

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Top 10 Junior Front End Developer Skills You Should Know

Junior Front End Developer jobs are all around us but before you throw your hat in the ring, make sure you know these top 10 skills to stand out and deliver quality work.

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Top 10 Web Design Trends In 2019

The best web design trends in 2019 from AI to gradient colors to your new best friend white space. Read this article and catch up on the top 10 web design trends you should be using today.

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Top 10 Bug Reporting Skills Every QA Tester Should Know

Understanding the role of QA Agent will bring tremendous value to your project. Read this article to learn the top bug reporting skills every QA should have.

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Top 10 Steps To Get Started In Web Development

Are you ready to launch a career as a web developer? Great! This article dives into actionable tips you can take to help you get started in web development.

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Top 10 Web Developer Blogs Of 2019 You Should Be Reading

Read our pick on the top 10 web developer blogs you should be reading. Be prepared to discover freebies, guides, and new tools to amplify your web developer skills.

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Top 10 Benefits Of Github

All tools have a bit of learning of code. Some are worth the time to masters, others aren’t. In Github’s case, if you’re a developer working on a project this is a tool you should know. Read this article to find out why.

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Top 10 Types Of Software Testing Bugs You Should Know

Your goal as a software tester is to catch bugs early on before it costs your team thousands in development costs. Read this article to learn about the top 10 software testing bugs you should know and be testing for.

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Programming Languages

Top 10 Programming Languages To Learn In 2019

Interested in launching a career as a web or software developer? Great. Read this article to learn the top 10 programming languages you should learn.

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Top 10 Website Bug Tracker Lessons

Can a negative situation really be a chance for growth? We would argue yes! In this article, we dive into lessons you can learn from your website bug tracking tool / process.

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