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Black Friday, Cyber Monday 2019 Deal And Partnership

We are very excited to share a special THANK YOU to all fellow Bug Squashers who have been supporting our platform in 2019. As an added sign of appreciation, we have some exciting news to share ranging from new platform features, upcoming 2019 savings, and partnerships you can leverage to save time and money!

Black Friday, Cyber Monday 2019 Deal And Partnership

1. Affiliate Program

If you haven’t done so, we invite you to join our affiliate program. You do NOT need to have a paid account to earn some passive revenue. Simply, follow the sign-up steps and get going. This is securely powered by Stripe and is an easy way to earn extra revenue and help us get the word out.

2. Black Friday Promo

We are having a special Black Friday deal for new users. Save the promo below! (A little hack – for current customers, yes, you can share this with your affiliate link and earn passive revenue. New customers also have these options – what can we say, we’re in a giving mood.)

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The Bug Squasher - FridayBugs

3. CyberMonday Promo

Please make sure to follow us on social media to see our upcoming CyberMonday deal 🙂

4. Partnership

We are excited to announce a partnership with NinjaOutreach.

They are running Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals and have given us special discounts for all of our fellow Bug Squashers.

A. NinjaOutreach – Black Friday 2019 Deal
B. NinjaOutreach – Cyber Monday 2019 Deal

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For those that don’t know, NinjaOutreach is an influencer marketing and outreach platform. Whether you want to find bloggers, Instagram influencers, YouTube channels or TikTok stars for a collaboration, NinjaOutreach has you covered. What makes us personally excited about it is, you could let go of some redundant apps since NinjaOutreach already has lead gen, data crawling, email automation, analytics, and more!

Make sure to take advantage of these savings!

-The Bug Squasher Team

Black Friday, Cyber Monday 2019 Deal And Partnership
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